05OctAxiom/Atlas Companies And Cornerstone Companies To Become Axiom Cornerstone Group

Axiom/Atlas Companies And Cornerstone Companies To Become Axiom Cornerstone Group

HOUSTON, Oct. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Representatives from Axiom Commodity Group and Cornerstone Global Commodities announced this week that the two companies and their respective affiliates will be combining in a merger of equals to create a single holding company – Axiom Cornerstone Group, LP.

Axiom Commodity Group is a leading provider of wholesale physical and financial brokerage services, with major presence in the natural gas, petroleum, power, biofuels and grains markets. Cornerstone Global Commodities is a leading global brokerage firm specializing in financial energy derivatives.

The merged firm will enable customers to benefit from enhanced commodity brokerage and advisory offerings across multiple distribution channels and geographies.

Bob Shults, Managing Partner of Axiom Commodity Group, commented, “This merger brings together two highly successful businesses dedicated to providing our clients unparalleled service. Our combined firm will offer our brokers superior support, efficiency and economies of scale, and will also create the opportunity for us to set the global standard for providing transparency, liquidity, and deal execution services in the energy and agricultural commodity markets.”

Shaun Wildt, Managing Partner of Cornerstone Global Commodities, added, “We are proud to bring together two leading brokerage firms with a high profile and an excellent reputation for customer service. In the past five years our industry has changed dramatically, and this merger ensures that the clients of both firms will have one of the most stable and competitive platforms for the increasing range of their brokerage needs.”

The merged firm, Axiom Cornerstone Group LP, will have offices domestically in Houston, Chicago, New York and Kansas City as well as an international presence through its Calgary and London offices.

ABOUT AXIOM/ATLAS COMPANIES: Houston-based companies include Atlas Commodity Markets, LLC; Atlas Petroleum Markets, LLC; Atlas Petroleum Markets (Canada) Ltd; Axiom Derivatives, LLC; Atlas Physical Grains, LLC; and Axiom Retail Energy, LLC. These companies broker physical and financial crude oil, ethanol, natural gas, power, DDG’s and other feed ingredients, retail power and gas. The Axiom/Atlas group of companies currently has offices in Houston, Chicago, Calgary, and Kansas City. For more information, visit www.axiomcommoditygroup.com

ABOUT CORNERSTONE COMPANIES: New York-based companies include Cornerstone Global Commodities, LLC; Cornerstone Futures, LLC, Cornerstone Finance, LLC, and Cornerstone Global Commodities, Ltd.. These companies broker financial crude oil, natural gas, power, and refined products. The Cornerstone group of companies currently has offices in New York, Houston, and London. For more information, visit www.cornerstoneglobalcommodities.com

CONTACT: Bob Shults, 713-825-6372